Answered By: Paula Yunko
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Each semester students are given 500 sheets of paper (or $25) to print on. This does not include making copies. To check to see if your print quota is running low please use the following steps:

1)Make sure you are logged onto the network under your own user-name and password

2) Go to the Keystone College Main page and click on Current Students

3) Scroll down until you see the gray bar on the left hand side of your screen

4) Click on Print Quotas

Once there under Print Quota Inquiry Tool you will see two balances: Free Balance and Paid Balance. If your free balance is in the negatives you are out of print quota and need to add more before you can print again.

You can add print quota either at the Miller Library circulation desk (cash or KC Kash only) or at the Student Business Office (1st floor Ward Hall). Printing is $0.05 a page, if you do not have enough balance to cover your entire print job, the system will not let any of it print.

Comments (2)

  1. Can we print in color?
    by Shea on Oct 17, 2016.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone responded to your question, but the library does not have a colored printer. There is a colored printer in the print shop (Ward Hall).
    by Paula Yunko on Oct 18, 2016.